• Gigi

Sugar Cookies With Gigi And Dazzle The Dragon!

Updated: Apr 18

Here are the cookie shapes I used!

Spring makes me think of Sugar cookies. In the springtime, I remember going into the neighborhood bakery and picking out fun Sugar cookies. It was always so pretty. Now I like to make my own spring cookie flowers and I decorate them in the colors of spring, yellow, green, pink, blue and purple.

I start with a simple recipe and then when they are baked, I frost them in the colors of spring.

Sometimes I like to roll out my cookies and cut out shapes. Sometimes I just want to make round cookies by spooning the dough onto the cookie sheet.

For all my cookies, I love to think about the magic of cooking.

Sometimes the magic is simple. For my sugar cookies, I turn them over when I am ready to frost them and I frost the back of the cookie. This gives me a very flat surface to decorate. They look so wonderful that it feels like magic!

Sometimes the magic is science. If you “cream” your sugar and butter together it creates air bubbles that helps your cookies rise! Creaming is mixing the sugar and butter together so they are creamy. It takes time to mix the two together so they are nice and smooth. It is the mixing that creates air bubbles.

Here is my Sweet Spring Sugar Cookie recipe I use when cooking with my dear friend Dazzle the dragon.

  • 1 stick of Butter ( or Margarine, almond butter), Measures 1⁄2 cup