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Clear The List!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

As school's across America start to open their doors, teachers are faced with low budgets or no budgets. A great new effort to help these teachers has been born with the #clearthelist initiative. Looking to do some good? Take a look at some of these teachers wishlists! Any little bit helps! Check back daily for new teacher wishlists!


Allison (mymusicallife23)

"I teach K-6 music in NY. I lost my classroom last year due to our large population. Last year I was on a cart & this year I’m teaching in the art room. I am passionate about teaching music & celebrating diversity in my classroom. Any help is greatly appreciated!"


Samantha (samantha.vilhauer) "Thank you for supporting teachers. I am in my 9th year of teaching. I am looping up with my students from last year to second grade (I’ve never taught second grade before) I just reported back to work today and found some materials that are much needed. Any help would be amazing!"

School supplies

Taylor (tayzz4dayzz) recently switched from kindergarten to fifth grade is teaching in a new state! They are really looking to expand the classroom library and supplies to meet the needs of older learners!


Emily (_emilymxo) is a hard working 3rd grade teacher with a rockin rainbow theme this year!


Her students know her as Ms. G (gaertzz) A middle school Special Education teacher in Minneapolis, MN

"As I am transitioning from teaching elementary to middle school, I am hoping to grow my classroom library to include a wide range of representation so I can support my students in finding titles that they can read and connect with on some level while affirming their own cultural identities and developing positive insights into others. With Covid-19 regulations, I would also like to expand my fidget options and sensory tools in order for students to each have access to their own. These are extremely useful tools to work on self regulation strategies and to support our students learning both in person and virtually. Any help is extremely appreciated, I am a part of the Minneapolis Public School system. Thanks in advance for any support or sharing you’re able to do!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎"

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